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FAQ & Tips

1/ How do I sign up?

You can sign up on the website using your email or by logging in via Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (you will be asked to enter a password for security reasons).

2/ Why join a community?

Communities give you access to additional EuroQuity functionalities, premium information and special privileges offered by the community manager. Each community has its own rules. Find and join the one that's right for you!

3/ Why apply for a certification ?

Whether you belong to an accelerator or competition centre or hold a certification, labels will add value to your business and help you promote yourself and be chosen for EuroQuity events: join the ones that reflect your interests

4/ How can I join a company that isn't on EuroQuity?

First create a personal account, then ask an authorised person within your company to create a profile for your company.

5/ What if I'm self-employed?

EuroQuity is for all professionals. Self-employed people can also use the website. Sign up as an individual user during the registration process. This will give you access to a simplified professional profile.

6/ Why should I introduce my partners on my profile?

The whole idea behind the website is to allow you to shine and promote your company. When your partners (investors, advisors, distributors, clients, etc.) join your company profile, they confirm its quality. The more the extensive your network, the higher your score.

7/ How can I increase my visibility on EuroQuity?

EuroQuity gives preferential treatment to companies with a complete profile accessible in at least two languages, an extensive network (team, investors, clients, etc.) and membership in communities and labels.

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8/ How can I create an attractive profile for my company on EuroQuity?

There are three ways to enhance your business: 1. Through your presentation, with a video or photo for illustration; 2. By promoting your network, team and main partners (investors, clients, advisors and partners); 3. By belonging to one or more labels or communities. The ecosystem shown in your profile will demonstrate the benefits of a partnership with your company.

9/ How can I improve my profile's completion percentage?

Use all available multimedia resources (videos, high-quality photos, presentations, keynotes, white papers, interviews) to show how active your company is and underscore the value of your projects. The more complete your company profile, the higher your completion percentage will climb and the higher your score will be.

10/ What is the EuroQuity Score?

The EuroQuity Score (EQ Score) is a counter which indicates your company's activity and appeal on the website. It includes profile completion, news, likes, follows, membership in one or more labels or communities, number of members in your extended network, etc. As your EuroQuity score increases, so does the popularity of your company. This improves its appeal for potential partners and ensures that it will receive more attention at EuroQuity events. The system rewards the most committed users.

11/ How can I receive alerts?

Set your search parameters based on your needs and receive search results everyday by email.

12/ What are Open Deals?

Open Deals are used by investors to indicate that they are interested in investing in your company. This function is particularly useful when an investor wants to help a company finalise its fund raising. Other investors can also enter into a conversation with the investor who has publicised their intentions by clicking on Open Deals.

13/ What does minimum ticket mean?

This is the starting amount at which a company will invite an investor to its round table. If you would rather invest a smaller amount and the company is using a crowdfunding website, you can access the company's profile by clicking on the link it provides.

14/ What is the difference between an investment interest and a confirmed investment?

Investment interest is the way investors indicate that they are interested in taking a closer look at an opportunity. Confirmed investment is the following stage, during which investors indicate that they are ready to invest in the company and the company states that it is interested in the proposal. They are different stages in the fund-raising process and provide visibility to other investors who may be interested. They don't commit the company or the investor and are not completed transactions.

15/ How can I manage my fund-raising project's visibility?

You have access to a data room to fine tune document management. Three categories are available: public access for all registered EuroQuity users, limited access for companies looking for investment projects, and limited access on a name-specific basis. For fund-raising, you can clearly indicate which types of investor have access to specific information when you create your investor search project.

16/ How do I unsubscribe?

Want to unsubscribe? It's easy: just send us a request by clicking on this link: contact to unsubscribe