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The Lions Invest Community features some of the fastest growing innovative companies in Senegal. The goal of the community is to facilitate their connexion with international, regional and local investors and support their market expansion.

Our geographic area

  • Senegal
Dakar, Senegal
64 members
Last update November 30, 2022

Community description

The Lions Tech Invest Community features some of the fastest growing innovative companies in Senegal. The goal of the community is to facilitate their connexion with international, regional and local investors and support their market expansion.


Led by the Senegalese General Delegation for Rapid Entrepreneurship of Women and Youth (DER/FJ) with the support of the whole ecosystem, Lions Tech Invest gathers the key ecosystem players around one digital community to ease the connexion with international ecosystems.


Our actions are organized in 5 pillars:

  • a digital community
  • an investment readiness program for Senegalese innovative companies with high potential of growth 
  • capacity building for incubators and accelerators
  • strengthening of local business angel network and connection with international business angels
  • matching fund with the DER and the local investors 


🔍 If you are an investor looking for deal flow, find deal flow qualified by some of the most active accelerators and investors in Senegal.

🤝 If you are a partner looking to connect your own ecosystem, discover and meet the key incubators, accelerators, investors and fellow partners in the region.

đź’µ If you are a company looking for funds and opportunities, increase your chances of connecting with investors and business partners via the community

🌱 If you are an incubator or accelerator looking to grow, give visibility to the companies you support and connect with new companies for your programs.


Support services

Services for investors

  • Access to a deal flow qualified by local VCs and accelerators
  • Connexion with local investors on co-investment opportunities
  • Knowledge of the local market
  • Training for angel investing
  • Female-focus training for angel investing


Services for entrepreneurs

  • Access to finance support
  • Investment readiness program
  • E-Pitch session
  • Coaching sessions
  • Partner search
  • Webinars
  • Female-focus training seminars
  • Learning expeditions in foreign ecosystems


Services for incubators and accelerators

  • Capacity building
  • Virtual academy

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CONCREE is a company specialized in design management and monitoring of early stage startups and SMEs support programs. We have two main activities.
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Sen Startup est un organe autonome intégrateur de l’écosystème des startups sénégalaises. Sa mission est de participer à la construction d’un environnement favorable à l’éclosion de startups fortes. Sen Startup accompagne les startups en phase d’idéation jusqu’au product market fit et de leur donne les moyens d’être incubé au niveau international. Sen Startup est une organisation incontournable en matière d’innovation et de transformation digitale.
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La DER/FJ est une initiative pour appuyer et dynamiser l’entreprenariat des femmes et des jeunes en cohérence avec les objectifs du Plan Sénégal Emergent. La dotation annuelle de 30 milliards FCFA a pour objectif d’être un véritable outil d’autonomisation économique des femmes et des jeunes mais également un accélérateur de croissance des GIE, TPE, PME et autres opérateurs économiques. La DER/FJ apporte à ses cibles du financement mais aussi de la formation et de l’assistance technique.
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